Artists: Space 3D Virtual Tour Makers

Space 3D Virtual Tour Makers

Mike Heist 859-545-9911

Space 3D Virtual Tour Makers creates enriched, engaging, interactive digital tours for commercial, residential, event, cultural spaces and more. Owner, Mike Heist, chose Hellmann to be home because it is a convenient, inspiring, community-based space and functions as a hub for many Covington activities and initiatives. This location allows him to connect with economic and cultural drivers of the community while building his business. Mike hopes to tap into large-scale real estate and commercial developments in the community, which would allow him to introduce the range of services he offers and how they can be used to expand their market outreach. Expanding his work with cultural and educational institutions and other creative/community projects will help them highlight how these services can enhance equity of access, marketing, fundraising, customer service and engagement with all members of the community.