Artists: Rick Gray

Rick Gray

Fine Art

1. What are you creating/making when you’re here at Hellmann?

Fine Art. My present focus is on painting. Photography and drawing are important expressions as well.

2. Why did you choose to have a studio at Hellmann and how does your work connect to the broader Covington community?

Leasing space is a commitment to creativity. I am more disciplined in my practice having made it. Last spring I was seeking a residence in Covington after years in the suburbs. The Hellman center caught my eye and I thought "what a cool place for an art studio". I really didn’t imagine it might have studio spaces or that I’d soon occupy one! The proximity to my residence, the cleanliness, security, examples of fellow artists and variety of community programs that are supported here make it a fertile place to be. As a reemerging solo artist my connection to the community is as an observer whose vision may be reflected in the work I produce. The urban neighborhood life is such a different experience for me and is percolating through my filters. It’s exciting to imagine what may come.

3. Any pie-in-sky dreams/ideas you want to tell us about?

For myself I plan to build a body of work and seek out exhibition opportunities. It’s a reachable goal. Moving a bit further I’d like to continually be able to devote more time to seeing and responding through various art forms to the life experience.

The colossal dream is to have the funds and provide more work space, learning and exhibition opportunities for our regional artists. The space would encompass tools and devices individual artists rarely have in their own work areas. Woodshop, analog printing presses, wide format digital printers, emerging media and so on. We have a good number of options in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky but no one place puts everything under one roof the way I envision it in my dreams.