Artists: Art Equals

Art Equals

Charlotte Reed

During her time at Hellmann, Charlotte is busy creating opportunities! Besides her own work as a mixed media/ fiber artist, she runs Art Equals, a non-profit organization focused on providing accessible community powered art. So, She is usually experimenting with a new technique or unusual material; preparing to give more opportunities for people to find their path to creativity.

From the moment Charlotte contacted the staff at The Center For Great Neighborhoods, she has felt welcomed and energized and began to unfold her ideas. As an art therapist running a business focused on providing creative opportunities for everyone, it felt like the perfect place for me to hold creative space for others. I have also seen how the Covington community seeks to nurture the creative spirit in its residents and I wanted to be a part of that environment. Charlotte hopes to find the magic formula to silence the inner critic for everyone!

For now, she’ll focus on the dream of living and working in a community where kids are never told they won’t grow up to be an artist and every person believes that they can have a space to come and create in community with their neighbors!