Rental and Building Tours

Hellmann Creative Center Rentals


Community Space Rentals: If you’re interested in renting a community space for your next event, wedding, festival, etc., please complete the RENTAL APPLICATION.  We have two community spaces available and offer discounts to Covington community groups and Non-Profits.



Covington Resident & non-Holiday Rates


non-Covington Resident & Holiday Rates


***Please note that as of January 2022, there is a $50 refundable deposit for a rentals***


Artist Studio Rentals: We have 8 artist studios available for rent. If you are interested in leasing one and would like to get on our waiting list, please contact  Sarah Sexton.


Hellmann TourIf you’d like a tour of the Hellmann Creative Center, you can take a Virtual Tour courtesy of SPACE 3D Virtual Tour Makers. If you’d like a real life tour, please contact Courtney Barlow-Schulte.



You can feel good about renting from us because all the proceeds go to supporting the Center for Great Neighborhood‘s work in Covington!